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Jesse launched the Streaks DAO to incentivize internal daily usage of Coinbase apps.

Jesse Pollak

Director of Engineering, Coinbase
San Francisco, USA

Jenna Zenk

Jenna launched the Melon Council DAO to expand access to wealth management.

Co-Founder & CTO, Avantegarde Finance
Zug, Switzerland

Esteban Ordano

Esteban launched the Decentraland DAO to enable the first user-governed decentralized virtual world.

Co-founder & CTO, Decentraland
Buenos Aires, Argentina

Luis is launching Pocket DAO to fight against blockchain infrastructure monopolies

Co-founder and CTO, Pocket Network
Santo Domingo, RD

Carl launched Daonuts to tie user karma with tokens on the r/ethtrader subreddit.

Inventor, Daonuts
Boston, USA

Luke launched 1Hive to explore novel ways to create, organize, and grow communities.

Founder, 1Hive
New York, USA

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